This is why Scandinavians are so stylish

Even though Scandinavia is partially known for its cold and bleak weather, the Scandinavians have really figured out how to make the best of what they have got. If you have seen inspirational pictures from Pinterest, you will know that the Nordic style of décor and clothing looks timeless, effortless and stylish.

Letting the light in

In the summertime Scandinavians get plenty of sun if the weather agrees with them. However, it can be very cold and dark in the winter. Hours with sunlight decrease rapidly when the year is coming to an end. Unfortunately, darkness can lead to depression. And yet, the Scandinavians are some of the happiest people on Earth. They have found the solution to this lighting problem.

With skylight windows and huge window panels in the house, they are constantly letting in the light. Even if the outdoor natural lighting is limited, big windows will ensure that every little beam of light gets through. When picking out lamps and lightbulbs, Scandinavians are experts in choosing the right lighting angles and glows that complement the décor.

Nordic décor

Interior design is another discipline the Scandinavians love to master in. In modern homes the theme is often light colors and soft contrasts. The nature is invited inside in the forms wooden materials, like a pale wooden floor rendering the light from the windows. Darker plank tables with a rough look creates a very nice contrast to the living room. In Denmark a lot of people appreciate original Danish design, which is also to be found in several homes.

Timeless innovation

Instead of choosing outdated décor and out of style clothing, the Danes are always up to speed with the latest trends and innovations. Even something like Danish eyewear is constantly developing in design and materials. We will no longer accept having to buy mass-produced items all the time. We want personalized designs to stand out from the crowd. In eyewear, you can actually get 3D printed glasses designed especially for you. Not only are they different, innovative and stylish, they are also made from lightweight materials to fit your face perfectly. Your personalized and unique frame is easily 3D printed with polyamide powder, and afterward painted in your color of preference. Scandinavians are some of the front runners in timeless innovation, which is one of the main reasons they are so stylish.

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